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Malarkey Ceilidh Band

Welcome to the page of Malarkey Ceilidh Band. One of the most popular and successful Ceilidh Bands in the Midlands. If you want a really great time at your wedding or social occasion look no further. The emphasis is on fun and full instructions for the dances are given. A wonderful time is guaranteed

Contact Malarkey Ceilidh Band

Telephone: 0782 546 0991


Nikki and Steve

Malarkey Ceilidh Band at Oakham School Staff Christmas Party December 2019

When we play ceilidhs or barn dances we use the fiddle, guitar and mandola as the basis for the music. This is Malarkey as a duo but we can embellish this by adding other instruments such as accordian, bass, percussion, flute, whistle, mandolin , bazouki, etc.etc. depending on your preference and the size of the ceilidh band you want. On top of this our expert regular caller Kenny will guide you through each barn/ceilidh dance routine and ensure you know all the moves like “strip the willow” and “do-si-do”!

Kenny, Nikki and Steve

Ceilidh and barn dancing is a great collective experience, breaking down barriers and bringing people together. Sometimes these ceilidhs and barn dances are known as shindigs or hoedowns [or hodowns] but they’re  all pretty much the same thing ..… dancing in squares or sets or circles but ultimately working together to enjoy a great sense of rhythmic movement and graceful interaction that is at the heart of all country dancing.

Malarkey also play lots of songs, jigs and reels too, so when you’re puffed out after a particularly demanding ceilidh or barn dance routine, you can get your breath back as Nikki belts out a storming jig or reel or Steve leads in with a cracking celtic song or perhaps a lilting waltz depending on the mood or the occasion.

Nikki and Steve

The fiddle [or violin] is at the heart of the Malarkey essence and the guitar is used to drive it all along, or perhaps on occasions, we’ll use the mandola or the mandolin, the banjo, the bazouki or the bodhran [pronounced  bowron] to give it the right kind of feel.

Kenny and Nikki

Malarkey originates in Leicester but we play all over and will consider almost any venue. However, in the recent past, we have tended to play in the EastMidlands, Leicestershire, Rutland, Birmingham, WestMidlands, Northants, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Staffordshire, but would consider Yorkshire, Norfolk and Shropshire.        

Caller Kenny in action on the dance floor!

So, pretty much where ever you are and you want the very best in ceilidhs and barndances,  its Malarkey you need.

So, just give us a call or send an email and ask any questions you may wish to ask. The Malarkey Ceilidh and Barn Dance band is your golden ticket to one of the best social occasions of your life so far !